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Brief Introdcuction:
1, 3-12KW series of ordinary diesel generating sets have been provided with high quality water-cooled single cylinder diesel engine, those engine can work well in all kinds of conditions.
2, The structure of generating sets, the engine has been coupled with alternator through v-belt or coupled directly with alternator, both of them have been installed on the basis of anti-shock pad, the gen-sets has been fixed on the frame of steel pipes which has four wheels.
other features:
It's easy to operate and maintain, control panel, capacitor type, voltage regulator, no-fuse circuit breaker, over-current protection, wheels type design, double-shaft balance design, electric starting
1. Voltage stead-state regulation11% fluctuation ratio1.5%; transient-state regulation-15~20% stead time 5s Frequency stead-state regulation5% fluctuation ratio1.5%; Transient-regulation110%stead time 5s;
2. The noise of gen -sets should be no more than 85db(a) ; The fuel consumption is no more than 2.5kg/kw. h.