Sell Diesel Oil Filter

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Boston Fuel pre-filter is the special instrument which purifies and filters diesel oil. It can filter 90% machinery impurity, glue and asphaltum in fuel and guarantee fuel maximum cleanness.

1. Main Functions:
(1) Filter 90% of impurity, glue and asphaltum in diesel oil
(2) Reduce abrasion of cylinder and piston
(3) Protect the nozzle and nozzle system

2. Main advantages:
(1) Saving Diesel oil 5%--10%
(2) Extension of engine life
(3) Avoidance of engine malfunction
(4) Purify air of the engineaft body

3. Specification:
The size of vat: 400*185*370mm
The size of oil tube: M 25 (can change)
Rated flux: 10~100L/min
Rated pressure: 0.2Kpa