Sell Diesel generator

Diesel generator
Diesel generator sets model: M-C138/110KW (Cummins series)
Standby power: 138kva/110KW
Rated power:125kva/ 110KW
Power factor :0.8
Output voltage:400/230V
Maximum Output current (A) 180
Gent dimention(LxWxH) (mm) 2200W830W1460
Weight: 1400Kgs

****Engine (Cummins) : 6BTAA5.9-G****
Maximum output power:140KW
Fuel consumption(g/kw. H) 200
Number of cylinder: 6L
Bore / stroke (mm) 102/120
Displacement (L) 5.88
Exhaust air flow (M3/min) 160
Compress air flow (M3/min) 7.6
Exhaust gas flow (M3/min) :21
Exhaust gas highest temperature: 601C
Lub-oil pan capacity (L)16.4
Cooling water capacity(L) 28
Vole for start DC(v) 24
Instrument for adjusting speed: MECHANICAL
Noise db db(A) <=96

*****Alternator Model: LSG (leroy somer ) ******
Phases:3 phases and 4 wires
Excitation: Brush less
Rated voltage: 400/230V (adjustable)
Frequency: 50HZ(adjustable)
Rated Factor: 0.8
Voltage adjust range: >=16%
Steady State Voltage regulation: <=11%
Insulation class: H
Protection: IP22
Efficiency: 93.9%
Voltage adjustment:AVR(R488)