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Synonyms: DEPC; Diethyl oxydiformate; Diethyl pyrocarbonate; Ethoxyformic anhydride; Pyrocarbonic acid diethyl ester; Diethyl dicarbonate; Diethyl oxydiformate
CAS No. : 1609-47-8
Molecular Formula: C6H10O5
Molecular Weight: 16 2 .1 4

Content: >= 99.0%(by GC)
Diethyl Carbonate: <= 0.5%
Ethanol : <= 0.2%
Moisture : <= 0.1%
Use : The main use is as follows:Preservative; Gentle esterifying agent; RNA enzyme inhibitor.
Note: Usually DEPC in the market cannot reach a high assay(usually about 97%) . And the quality is not stable, it will decompose slowly under the condition of room temperature, so it should be stored in cold storage and being sold expensively. Now we have got a great improvement in producing procedure and lowered the cost, we can offer product with assay more than 99%, for which the quality is stable and can be stored under room temperature for long time.