Sell Difenoconazole 95%TC 10%WG; 250g/L EC;300g/L EC

Difenoconazole 95%TC 10%WG; 250g/L EC;300g/L EC You May Also Be Interested In: difenoconazole tc 10
Features: Difenoconazole
1) Common name: Difenoconazole
2) CAS number: CAS119446-68-3
3) Formulation: WG, EC.

Physicochemical properties:
1) 95%Tech:White to light beige crystals; 10% WG Light yellow powder;
250g/L EC Brown transparent liquid; ~+Propioconazole 300g/L EC
yellow to dark brownliquid
2) pH value: 5.0-7.0
3) Toxicity:
a) Oral Acute : Acute oral LD50 for male rats 1453, mice >2000mg/kg
b) Skin and eye: Acute percutaneous LD50 for rabbits>2010mg/kg
Non-irritating to eyes and skin (rabbits) . Non-sensitising to skin(guinea pigs) . Inhalation:LC50(4H) for rats 3300mg/m3 air.
4) Usages: Systemic fungicide with a novel broad-range activity protecting the yield and
crop quality by foliar application or seed treatment.
1) Technical grade: 25KG/Fiber drum;
2) Formulation grade: 250g/L EC 200L/Iron drum;10%WG :25KG/Fiber drum
3) According to the customers requirement.
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