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Series level transmittes are the extention and development of pressure transmitter technology. According to the principle that the liquid with different specific gravity are in linear relation to the pressure generating at different height to realise the accurate measurement and transmission of volume, level height and weight of water, oil and paste-state matters. They are widely used in the industries such as power, petroleum, chemical engineering, metallurgy, water utilization, running water, food, etc,

II. Features
1. Insertion type, straight-pole type, flange type and thread type structure design
2. simple installation, convenient use, strong interchange ability; hi-quality sensor has high sensitivity, fast response rate, can accurately react the subtle change of moving or static level, and high measuring accuracy.
3. possess the ability of intrinsic safty explosion separation and explosion-proof ; can be applied to all kinds of dangerous places.
4. have blocking-proof type design, can realise the measurement of paste-state mediums level.
5. 100% unified scale, LED, LCD the three kinds of indicating gauge head, site reading, convenient.
6. 4 ~ 20mA DC two-wire system signal transmission, strong interference-resistant ability, long transmitting distance.
7. fine and unique zero point, temperature shift and non-linear compensation ensure the instrumentation in the range of using conditions to have a stable accuracy for a long time.
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