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I. Main technical parameters
1. power : 24VDC output 4-20mA two-wire system
zero adjustable range : 15% F7S
ratio of span adjustment : above 3:1
2. span range : -100kPa~0~60MPa
3. load feature : load 0 ~600(Ohms) (24VDC power supply) keep constant current output
4. explosion separation type : d II BT4, intrinsic safety type ia II CT5
5. overpressure limit : double of upper-limit pressure
6. temperature range : process : -20 ~ 600
7. accuracy rating : 10.5%
8. stability : 10.2% F7S
9. weight : about 1 kg

II. Features

III. Technical target
Model A1 B1
Accuracy 0.1% F7S 0.25% F7S 0.5% F7S
Measuring range -95kPa~60MPa
Measuring medium Liquid, gas and vapor
Storing temperature -400 ~1250
Use temperature -100 ~800 -400 ~800
Corrosion-proof material 316 stainless steel ceramics
Effect of temperature < 0.02%/0 < 0.015%/0
Loading resistance < 750(Ohms)
Overload ability Triple span double span
Machanical protection IP65
humidity <=95% RH
output Two-wire system 4~20mA DC four-wire system 0~10mA DC
Related equipment EXZ231B safety grid
weight ≈1 Kg

IV. Products option
No S code name
Analogue type Smart type HH316 Diffused silicon pressure transmitter
code Design number
A1B1 Diffused silicon sensorCeramics sensor
code Pressure types
AGS Absolute pressureGauge pressureSeal gauge pressure
code On-the-spot indication
123 no3 1/2 bit LCD3 1/2 bit LCD
code Measuring range
1234567890 0~35kPa0~100kPa0~200kPa0~350kPa0~700kPa0~2.0MPa0~3.5MPa0~7MPa0~20MPa0~60MPa
code accuracy
ABC 0.1% F7S0.25% F7S0.5% F7S
code Installation interface
12 M10W1.51/2NPT
code Explosion-proof ways
N Ordinary non-explosion-proof
I Intrinsic safety explosion-proof
E Explosion separation
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