Sell Digital Assembled LED Display (KT Series)

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Product Description
We are the pioneer for this exploitation which full embody our company wisdom and technology in photoelectricity field. At this time, This kind of device are widespread used in air-condition, Water heater, solar water heater, disinfector, microwave oven, Lampblack, Ammeter and so on.

This series have more than 110 kinds of mode. KT series adopt LED as the light source, It have the capability same as LCD and the price is cheaper than LCD, It will take place of LCD in any applied field.

KT series distinct characteristic is as below: Long lifetime(can light continuous 100, 000hours, which is to say 11 years) , shockproof, dampproof, static-proof, can work under low temperature environment, (normally can work under -250) , bright color(can be Colorized ) , active luminesce, (LCD is passive luminesce) , in dull environment, LCD need expensive backlight source.