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Digital Camcorder
Multi-Functions (7 in 1)
Digital Video: Record using MPEG4 compression giving high quality video in less file size.
Digital Camera: Captures and stores clear, sharp images. The photographic quality exceeds most single- function digital cameras. Its gross pixel can be up to 10 mega pixel.
Web Cam: Plug it into your USB 2.0 port and it's your video conferencing camera!
MP3 Player: Records and plays back high-quality music files in MP3 formats giving you a compact listening source you can take anywhere.
Voice Pen: A great way to record your voice up to 6 hours for 256 MB (mono) .
USB Mass Storage Device: Built-in 32MB Flash Memory, SD/MMC can expand up to 1G and use USB 2.0 to connect your PC.
Motion stabilization: Image Stabilization Technologies
AV-In / Out:To be a Portable Media Player
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1~2 weeks
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