Sell Digital Camera batteries for  CANON NB4L

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Color: Gray
Weight: 36g
Capacity: 700mAh
Unit price: us$2.50
1. Thin format, light weight, large area and flexibility in design
2. Easily customized
3. High capacity
4. Safety feature
5. Environmental: no leakage, no heavy metals and no pollution

8.1 Incoming Inspection
(A) Firstar cells are generally shipped in the discharged condition , but can be shipped in the charged condition if requested before.
(B) The voltage in such instances may fluctuate depending upon the degree of the discharge . these cells are normal if the voltage as received is 1.0V/cell, for cells shipped are discharged . If the voltage is 1.20V/cell or higher , it is normal , for cells shipped are charged.
(C) It is recommended, when a shipment is received, that a test is made to determine whether the open circuit voltage of the cells is in the range just specified.
(D) If a capacity test is to be made , first partially discharge the residual capacity, and then charge for 16 hours at C/10 at room temperature . Capacity is checked by discharging at C/5 to 1.0V/cell. The cell is normal if the specified capacity is achieved within 1~3 charge/discharge cycles.
Note: For cells received in the discharged condition, begin with charging. 〔 Test temperature ;20150(680190F) 〕
Brand Name
Canon NB4L
ISO9001&3A2000 CE ROHS
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T/T at sight
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Warranty Coverage
1 year