Sell Digital Door Lock (Queen)

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*Opening by Password
User can open the door by password.

* Secure and Convenient Operation (Mechanical Key)
User can unlock by Mechanical Key in case of emergency, which enhance the security.

The system has a self-control function to notice by indication lamp on system error.
A : In case the dead bolt does not move back and forth normally
B : In case the system is dual locked from inside
C : In case more than 80% of the battery power is used up
D : In case of entering wrong password

*Simple Operation
All functions are informed by melody sound and user can operate it easily without Users Guide.

*Strong 12-key Buttons
The 12-key buttons are designed to resist the external shock.

*Emergency Battery Terminal
When the battery is run out, user can open the door using the emergency battery terminal.
*Prevent from Compulsive Opening
When the door is opened abnormally, the system warns an alarm.

*Password / Touch Key Memory Function
Users password and touch key data information will not be erased even though the battery is run out.

*Power Cut-Off Function
The power will be cut off for 30secs in case of entering wrong passwords in 3 consecutive times.

*Dual Security Locking Function
Permanent locking switch is located on the inside unit and provides more strengthen safety.

*Low Battery Warning Alarm
When the unit makes beep sound, replace old battery with new one. * Unlock by Remote Control
Users can unlock by Remote Control inside and the distance is from 30-50m.