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 Encrypted Password
The password is encrypted, which enhance security for the Users. Up to register 10 password of 4-12 figures.
 Uncopiable Key (TM Key)
Use American DALLAS Companys TM Card, which has the function to keep from Copying and detecting. This lock is convenient to operate by one touch operation.
 Emergency Opening (Mechanical Key)
User can Mechanical Key to open the door in case of emergency which increase security.
 Remote Control (optional)
The door can be unlocked by remote control inside room. And the distance is from 0-20m.
 Exquisite Appearance Design
Appearance designed by famous designer, with elegant sound and light.
 Founded with integrated metal to realize super solid
 Strong 12-key Buttons
The 12-key buttons are designed to resist the external shock.
 Emergency Battery Terminal
When the battery is run out, user can open the door using the emergency battery terminal.
 Prevent from Compulsive Opening
When the door is opened abnormally, the system warns an alarm.
 Password / Touch Key Memory Function
Users password and touch key data information will not be erased even though the battery is run out.
 Power Cut-Off Function
The power will be cut off in case of entering wrong passwords in 5 consecutive times.
 Dual Security Mode:
Users can choose the Dual Security Mode. In such Mode, only both use TM Key and Digital can open the door.
 Dual Security Locking Function
Permanent locking switch is located on the inside unit and provides more strengthen safety.
 Low Battery Warning Alarm
When the unit makes beep sound, replace old battery with new one.
 Incorporated with a ring bell
There is a ring bell on outside body of the lock which provide convenience for the Users.
 Networked Function (optional)
It has networked function that can connected to the Residential Management Dept. This provides more security for the Residential.

1. Material: Cast-steel, Cast-iron
2. Registered TM Key: Up to 10 TM Keys allowed to registered
3. Password: 4-12 figures, and can re-log at any time
4. Remote Controller (optional) : One-key type, and can re-log at any time, available distance around 0-20m
5. Opening Method: Digital + TM Key + Mechanical Key + Remote Control (optional)
6. Material: Outside Unit: Zinc Alloy
Inside Part: Fireproofing Plastic
7. Dimension:
Outside Unit: 298(H) x 61(W) x 31(D) mm
Inside Unit: 298(H) x 75(W) x 40(D) mm
8. Installed Door: Wooden door, Steel door, Burglarproof door
9. Thickness of Door: 40-50mm (if a special thickness, please preconcert)
10. Battery Life: One year (10 times per day) (without remote control)
11. Working Temperature: -400 ~ 700
12. Intrude-preventing Sensor: Magnetic sensor with working distance of 1-2cm
13. Color: Silver Gray, Golden
Brand Name
298(H) x 61(W) x 31(D)
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