Sell Digital Photo Frame

Digital Photo Frame
7Fashionable and thinner appearance. 7Special installation way for displaying digital photos without a computer. Insert the memory card into the photo frame to view the pictures, play MP3 music and movie files (memory card not included) . 7Support format: JPEG. MPEG1/MPEG2/MP3. 7Support memory card: SD, MMC, MS memory card, supporting USB host function, which can read U disk, Hard disc directly. 7TFT/LCD modules with high resolution with adjustable contrast, wide visual angle, clear display and rich color. 7Auto slide show, repeat playback , Insert the memory card, Instantly display photo and play background music. 7Easily functioned by remote control or button adjustment. 7Adjustable on the speed of photo display and transition interval at your casual. 7Easy to use mutile-function control buttons. 7Access for audio-output. 7Built-in double audio stereo speakers. 7Various decorative frame in style and color, at clients' selection.
7Chinese/English and other language selectable. . 7Screen Type/Size: Active Matrix TFT LCD 7 inch. 7Resolution:1440W234(larger pictures are auto scaled to fit the screen) . 7Play File Format: JPEG, MPEG1/MPEG2/MP3 . 7Operating System: OSD(On Screen Display) and Remote Controller + Wheel. 7AC Adapter: 100-240Vac, 50-60HZ 18W. 7Signal Output: Audio / Video . 7Multimedia: Built-In 1watts W 2 Ch . 7Dimensions: (WWHWD) 236W188W40 mm. 7Weight: N. W1Kg G. W1.7Kg. 7Environment: 00C-300C, 32-850F, 40-65% RH (non-condensing)