Sell Digital Pin-hole Spy Video Camera + USB Drive pen

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MP9 Rechargeable Digital Spy Video Camera + USB Drive Pen + digital pocket video recorder

- Tiny pin-hole camera hidden inside a working ball pen
- Simply one button operation (push to record, push again to stop)
- USB 2.0 data interface
- Built-in 2GB or 4GB flash memory storage for massive amount of recording time (more a few hours, depending on the content of recordings)
- Doubles as a perfectly working pen USB flash/jump drive
- Built-in microphone records sounds/voice along with video
- Built-in lithium battery recharged by the included AC adapter or any powered USB port
- Battery records about 2 hours per charge
- Perfect for recording videos at dissatisfactory customer service counters
- 110V~220V AC USB charger included
- USB cable and software/driver CD included
- 101,376 pixels (352*288 px) or 307,200 pixels (640*480 px) video recording resolution
- Usage: press button once and wait for a yellow LED light (indicates stand-by) , then press again to record (LED turns to blue) . While recording, press to stop (LED changes back to yellow) . Press and hold to turn the camera completely off for power saving.