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Axis: X Y axes linear transducer
A axis rotary encoder
Resolution: 0. 001mm (X Y axes) /0. 01 degree (A axis)
Coordinates: X, Y and Polar Coordinates systems
Memory: 99 features memory; 10 coordinates memory
Error Comp. : Linear and Non-linear compensation
I/O interface: RS-232C I/O interface
Geometric measurement Function:
3 points circle measurement;
Points measurement;
2 points distance measurement
2 points form a line measurement
2 lines intersection measurement
4 points line intersection measurement
Point line perpendicular projection

ES-8 & ES-10 series
Model(2 axis and 3 axis)
ES-8S (simple) , ES-8M (miller) , ES-8B (borer) , ES-8G (grinder) ,
ES-8L (lather) , ES-8E (EDM) , ES-W(wirecut) , ES-8P (projector) ,
ES-8T (tool setter)

Basic functions:
Clear zero
Centering (1/2)
In/mm display
Coordinate entry
Abs/inc switch
Power off memory
-199 subdatum
REF memory

Special functions:
Built in calculator
PCD pitch circle diameter
LHOLE linear hole positioning
INCL inclined machining
SHRINK shrinkage calculation
R (simple R & smooth R) function
Linear error & non-linear error compensation
Vibration filtering
Rotary encoder readout

State of the Art Electronics Technology
Our lastest in-house design 16 bit 3 axescounting ASIC that fabricated with 0. 35um CMOS technology is used in ES-8, greatly reduce the number of component counts, lower the system power consumption and improvereliability.

High noise immunity EMC design
Double stages noise filter is used in ES-8 for transducer signals input noise filtering which offer very wide frequency bandwidth (1KHz - 1000MHz) noise attenuation. Extreme careful PCB and componentlayout that strictly follows all known rules to achieve highest possible noise immunityand EMC performance. Linear power supply is used in ES-8 toensure highest possibleperformance in noise immunity to the electrical source.

Robust Casing, Chromium Plated Panel
The front plate of the ES-8 is built by an 1. 5mm thickness electroplated steel, the back cover is built by 3. 5mm thickness high strength ABS plastic injection case to provide a high quality robust casing. Front panel is Chromium plated for easy cleaning. Adaptable to poor electrical source Low power consumption approach is used in the system design of ES-8, therefore, even ES-8 is designed for very wide voltage supply range ( 160V~260V / 80V ~ 130V ) operation, linear power supply can still be used without serious heat generation, linear power supply offer excellent noise immunity and proven highest reliability.

Use of the combined capacitor-varistor noise filters in the power supply system to ensure highest possible noise and surge immunity to poor electrical source.
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