Sell Digital Satellite Receiver - STB-D700S FTA+Patch

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This is a new model FTA Digital Satellite Receiver used software solution to decrypt scrambled programs. The CPU solution is powerful STi5518 single chip. By this magic box, you can freely watch programs scrambled by Conax, Viaccess, seca, Irdeto and Nagravision. General Feature

Fully MPEG-II MP@ML DVB complaint
MCPC/SCPC supportable (1-45 MS/SEC)
EPG for on screen channel graphic display
Plug and play self - installing program set up
DiSEqC1.0, 1.2 compatible
256 color OSD with 720 x 576 resolution
RS 232 serial data transfer interface with max 115K baud rate, easy and fast software upgrade through RS232 port
Easy and fast software or channel upgrade through STB to STB
CVBS & RGB &Y/C video output
Manual PID insertion
4Phone (video, audio L/R, 0/12v)
0/12 Voltage control output
4 PLL RF modulators (PAL B/G) (PAL I) (PAL D/K) (NTSC M)
4:3, 16:9 screen format selectable
C/Ku band control for each antenna
Total 4,000 channels programmable (TV 3000 + Radio 1000)
PIG function
Super low threshold
User friendly and easy-to-use OSD

Technical Specification

Main processor --- STi5518
Memory --- Flash ROM: 1 Mbyte; SDRAM: 4 Mbyte; EEPROM: EEPROM 64 Kbyte; DRAM: 2Mbyte

MPEG Transport Stream (Digital)
Transport Stream --- ISO/IEC 13818
System --- ISO/IEC 13818-1
Video --- ISO/IEC 13818-2
Audio --- ISO/IEC 13818-3
Profile & Level --- MP@ML
Video input rate --- Max 15Mbit/s

Tuner Part
Input Connector --- IEC169-24 Female with F Type
Frequency Range --- 950~2150MHz()
Input Impedance --- 75(Ohms)
Single Level --- -65~-25dbm
IF Bandwidth --- 55/8 MHz (-3db) type Dual Band Selectable
LNB Power --- Max 400mA
DiSEqC Control --- Version1.0/1.2 Compatible
22KHz --- Tone 2212KHz, 0.610.2V

Demodulation Part
Method --- QPSK Demodulation
Input Symbol Rate --- 1~45MS/s
FED Decoder --- Convolution Code Rate 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8 with Constraint Length K=7

Video Aspect Ratio --- 4:3 & 16:9
Video Resolution --- 720 x 576 (PAL) , 720 x 480 (NTSC)
Audio Decoding --- MPEG Layer I & II
Audio Mode --- Single Channel / Dual Channel Joint Stereo/ Stereo
Audio Sampling Rate --- 32,44.1 and 48KHz
Audio Resolution --- 16bit, 18bit
DAC Output Level --- Max 2Vrms

I/O connection
Video/Audio Output --- 2 SCART (TV, VCR/AUX) , 4 Phone Jack (Audio L/R, Video, 0/12V)
Data Interface --- RS232 (9pin D-Sub)

Connector --- 75(Ohms) IEC169-2, Male/Female
Type --- PLL Type
Channel Range --- UHF CH21~69

Power Supply
Input Voltage --- 85~265VAC, 50~60Hz
Type --- SMPS
Power Consumption --- Max 26W

Physical Specification
Working Temperature --- +50 C+400 C
Storage Temperature --- -400 C+650 C
Operating Distance for Remote Control ---Max 10m

Brand Name
Model Number
STB-D700S FTA+Patch