Sell Digital TENS

Digital TENS
Digital TENS is an electrical impulse generator that is used to relieve post operative, acute and chronic pain. It is used for peripheral types of pain and not those of central origin. Assessment of electrode placement involves trial and error, knowledge of neurophysiology to include peripheral nerve roots, dermatomes and trigger points are areas that are most helpful when assessing electrode placement to relieve the patient's pain.

*Digital Display with timer/mode/intensity/setting value/battery indicator
*Auto shut down whilst remembering last setting
*Timer programmed to 60 minutes with count down display
*Current output in mA are shown on the digital screen in addition to other key features
*Channel A and Channel B can each be set at different currents or at the same current outputs
*Memory function: Unit does not lose patients key settings, such as pulse rate, pulse width, when battery is removed for periods of time
*Unit has patient compliance timer recording time from 0 ~ 999 minutes
*All controls are covered to avoid accidental change of settings, yet can be seen through outer window
Brand Name
95 x 60 x 25mm
Model Number
90 grams