Sell Digital Thermometer For Baby

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Model Number: DT-T11
Product Name: Digital Thermometer For Baby
Place of Origin: China
Function: The baby nipple thermometer was designed and made according to the babys physical characters.
All the components of this thermometer are smoothness and fit for babys mouth. It is no harm to the babys tender skin, and the silica gel nipple has a sensor, it can not only measure the temperature but also train babys tooth. Compared with the traditional mercuric temperature, more safety, more convenient. Both baby and mother are love the baby nipple thermometer very much.
Technical specification and features:
Temperature range: 32.00~42.90
Display L0 : temperature below 32.00
Display H0 : temperature above 42.90
Accuracy : 10.10 (350~390) 10.20﹝ <350 and >390﹞
Display mode: LCD (three and a half)
Power: 0.15mW(working)
Battery: AG3 1.5V Ordinary button battery
Sound Tip: the beeper sound will be appear within 5 seconds after measurement