Sell Digital Thermostat for Electric Diffuser or Floor Heating

Digital Thermostat for Electric Diffuser or Floor Heating You May Also Be Interested In: digital thermostat double switches electric diffuser floor heating power wires
1) Used to control electric diffusers (such as floor heating) , makes room safe and saving energy
2) Particular double revising for measurement temperature can avoid the influence of heating from inside, and makes temperature measurement and controlling moreaccurate
3) Safety structure design: 2 parts design makes electric load separate from the thermostat. Individual output and input terminals with rated 20Amp makes electric connecting more easy and reliably
4) SPST or DPDT switch selectable single switch connecting electric heater and double switches can cut the two power wires of the load
5) LCD display room temperature, set point and clock
6) Low temperature protection to turn on automatically when room temperature goes below 5C or your presetting
7) Celsius or Fahrenheit selectable
8) Internal or external sensor selectable
9) Timer of turning off (optional) : It makes thermostat to be turned off automatically after presetting working hours (0.5h~12h)
10) Programmable (optional) : Program up to respective four time periods with four temperature settings for weekdays and weekends. It also can be set a holiday mode when it works in special temperature, and it will be changed back to normal program mode as the vocation days over. The programming schedules can be held inmemory in event of power failure.
11) RS485 communication (optional)
12) Infrared remote control (optional
13) Blue backlight display (optional) :
14) 220V AC / 110V AC power supply selectable, DC 3V battery power supply selectable, two alkaline batteries 1.5V each type AAA, low batteries indication
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