Sell Digital Thermostat

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1. This thermostat is designed to work on the following systems:
Gas  Standing Pilot Oil  Fired Furnace
Gas  Electronic Ignition Single Stage Heat Pumps 
with no auxiliary heat
Gas  Fired Boilers Electric Air Conditioning
Gas  Milivolt Systems Electric Furnace
Oil  Fired Boilers
This thermostat will NOT control multistage heat pumps or 110/220V baseboard electric heating systems.
2. Temperature Range
This thermostat can be programmed between 45F and 95F (7C and 35C) . However, it will display room temperatures from 30F to 99F (0C and 37 C) . HI will be displayed if the temperature is higher than 99F (37C) , and LO will be displayed if the temperature is lower than 30F (0C) .
This thermostat will automatically cutoff in Heat mode if the temperature rises above 95F (35 C) , and automatically cutoff in Cool mode if the temperature drops below 45F (7C) .
3. Compressor Protection
This thermostat provides a 4 minutes delay after shutting off the cooling system before it can be restarted. This feature will prevent damage to your compressor caused by rapid cycling. It does not prevent a rapid compressor restart due to short power outages.