Sell Digital Ultrasound Scanner  BW8S

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Model No. : BW8S
Description: Digital Ultrasound Scanner

Products Information:

1. Digital Beam Forming adopted to obtain the best-resolution images; Various types of high-density broadband transducers substantially improve overall image quality.
2. Extensive software packages including Abdomen, Urology, Obstetrics, Cardiology, Small Parts, etc and relevant reports generated automatically. Easy print out of the images and/or reports.
3. A number of parameters of clinical softwares is open for end user to select or define as per his actual requirements
4.11-level zooming functions available, and 2-level zooming for partial zooming in B mode
5. Hotkeys available for entering frequently applied functions or clinical softwares, which greatly simplifies each operation
6. Cineloop: 256-frame bi-direction replay and frame-by-frame cineloop, and at least 29 images permanent store
7. 9 different groups of the following parameters preset as per actual clinical requirements: edge enhancement, gamma correction, dynamic range, frame averaging, line Averaging, Acoustic Power, etc.
8. 6-segment slider TGC and overall gain control.
9. Laser printer and/or thermal Video Graphic Printer applicable to print out images & reports. One more option for low-budge potential customers
10. USB ports available for software upgrade and/or for images or relevant data transfer to computer for future study or documentation purpose
11. Biopsy Guideline adjustable for precise calibration
12. Speed-capture of up to 16 images ( It will disappear when NewPatient Key pressed or when switched off)
13. Silicon Rubber Keyboard with soft background light, suitale for dark operation enviroment of ultrasound equipment.
14. Free selection or combination of 1, or 2, or 3, or 4 movable focusing points for optimizing the image resolution of interested organs or patient parts.

Technical Specs:

Probes applicable Electronic convex array, linear array, transvaginal, microconvex probe.
Frequency 2.5-7.5 MHz
Frame Rate 60 frame per second (depending on probe type)
Max. Measurement Depth 250mm( depends on the type of the probe)
Display Mode B, B/B,4B, B/M, M
Digital Scanning Convertor 576*460*8 bits
Gray Scales 256
Monitor 10.4 non-interlaced SVGA monitor
Body Marks 38 types indicating probe positions
Image Processing Pre-processing(Frame Averaging, Line Averaging) , Post-processing(Interpolation, 8-γ correction, Edge enhancement) , Histogram, Image Left/Right conversion, Up/Down conversion, Black/White conversion, Image Depth scroll, etc.
Cineloop 256
Image Storage 29-image permanent storage, USB flash disk connectible.
TGC 6-segment TGC and Overall Gain
Video output PAL-D
Zoom 11-level zooming and Partial zoom
General Measurement Distance, Area/Circumstance, Volume, Angle, Ratio, Coxa Joint, Stenosis and Heart Rate, EF slope and Time interval under M Mode.
Professional Software Measurement Obstetrics: GS, CRL, BPD, HC, AC, FL, HL, OFD AFI, Fetal Growth Curve, and LMP to measure EDD etc;
Gynecology: Uterus, Left/Right Ovary, Left/Right Follicle Endometrial Thickness;
Urology: Bladder, Left/ Right Kidney, Prostate;
Cardiology: Ventricle, Left Artrium, Mitral Valve, Aortic Valve, Pulmonary Valve;
Character Display Date, week, time, Patient ID, Patient Name, doctor's Name, Hospital Name, Probe No & frequency, Depth, Scanning Direction, Focusing Position Indicator, Frame Rate, TGC, Accoustic Power Coefficient, Frame Averaging Coefficient, Line Averaging Coefficient, Edge Enhancement Coefficent, Dynamic Range, Gamma Correction Curve, Gender, BodyMark (Rotable) , TGC curve, Gray Scale, System Prompt, Annotation, and Value, etc.
Power Supply 110V-240 V 60Hz/50Hz
Dimension 292mm(W) W 365mm(H) W 380mm(D)
Weight Approx . 10 Kg
Packing Info Carton Size:550mm(W) *530mm(H) *420mm(D)
N. W/G. W:10.0KG/13.0KG
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