Sell Digital Vedio Recorder Board

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Product Description:

1 Card =>4 Port+1 port for TV OUT.
(7.5 FPS/Camera *4Port=30 FPS)
4 Cards=>16 Port=120 FPS


1. Office buildings, factories and warehouses.
2. Museums, hospitals and train stations.
3. Highways, tollbooths, gas stations and parking
4. Family, schools and educational institutions.
5. Convenient Stores, shopping malls and casinos.
6. Banks, police departments and government.
7. Community centers and residential areas.

Feature Highlights

Main System Basic Features

1. High compression ratio, high resolution and
high-speed recording.
2. Multi-Language version: Chinese(traditional) ,
Chinese(simplified) and English.
3. User-friendly and efficient working
4. Motion detection and full-time recording.
5. Different timeframes setting.
6. Support alarm: APMS can give the alarm, give
you a call, and send a warning e-mail
7. Recording saving models:(1) Set the days you
want to keep(2) Set the minimum of HDD
capacity remained(3) Set Single HDD or Multi-
HDD recording circularly.
8. User can record whatever sound you like as the
sound files for alarm.
9. Super Motion Image Compression Technology
10. Control your cameras from your Browser.
11. Adjustable recording quality.
12. CCD signal setting.
13. Various split-screen displays.
14. Take a snapshot in current image into Bitmap
or JPG format.
15. Recording status display.
16. Ability to adjust screens
17. Full screen display with time stamp.
18. Multi-Level password protected.
19. Give an alarm as CCD power off.
20. HDD capacity indicator.

Viewer System Features

1. Support 16 cameras that can display
2. Schedule setting display.
3. Time setting display.
4. Search speed control
5. Random access
6. Move the cameras to enlarge, reduce and shift.
7. Detailed search in each camera.
8. Print the current image.
9. Convert all images in to BMP/JPEG/AVI files.
10. Search speed control:1/4X, 1/2X, 1X, 3X, 5X,
8X, 10X, 12X, 15X

Client System Features

1. Multi-user view cameras remotely.
2. Remote recording
3. Remote multi username and password
4. Connect with static IP, IP Share, dynamic IP
or modem.
5. Connect to APMS Main system set to edit.
6. Various split-screen display
7. Snapshot
8. Alternating display mode.

IE WEB System Features

1. User name and password protected
2. Various split-screen display from IE Browser
3. Cameras name and time display
4. Live demo connecting and playback.
5. Motion detection alarm and the glimmer warning
6. CCD sound sent form locally PC
7. The snapshot converts into BMP/JPG files
8. Alternating display mode.
9. Stop/Play/Pause/Fast-forward/Rewind/for Live
demo or Playback.
10. Change Sever available; connect up to 10 PC
for view up to 160 cameras.
11. Sever IP change Switch, input IP address in IE
Browser to view cameras.
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