Sell Digital Video Camcorder (PocketDV)

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The Pocket DV combines a full-color digital video camera with digital still camera, digital audio recorder and PC camera, all in a tiny package that fits easily in your pocket. Light, distinctive and easy to operate, this versatile, full-function digital camcorder helps you record life' s precious moments, uploading them directly to the Internet so you can share them with family and friends around the world. Seven bundled software packages offer smooth and complete image processing, editing and transmission of your photos and albums.

4-in-1 digital camera, digital camcorder, digital audio recorder and PC camera
200 seconds of simultaneous audio/video recording
2000 still images storage capacity
31 minutes of digital audio recording
When attached to a computer, it acts as a full function PC camera for live Internet-based teleconferencing
10 second auto timer allows you to be in your own shots
Bundled software includes: image processing, image editing, e-card publishing, calendar, personal album and web page, video e-mail production allows you to share with friends and family.