Sell Digital Video Recorder PC Card (DVR 2016B)

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Video Input :16.CH(NTSC/PAL)

Display Speed :240(frames/sec)

Record Speed :240(frames/sec)

Resolution :640x480 / 320x240

Alarm IN/OUT: 8 input / 6 output

OS system: WIN200/ XP/ 98SE

Compression Format: MJPEG / Wavelet

Multitable Mode: Recording, Playback,Remote Cotrol simultaneously

Recording Mode: Circular Recording, Event Triggered Recording, Scheduled Recording.

Adjustable Recording Frame: Allowing to adjust the recording frames of each camera or event.

Recording Quality: Allowing to adjust recording quality grades.

Pre-alarm Recording: YES.

Search Mode: Allowing to search images by date, time, camera, event.

Playback Mode: Allowing to show 16 cameras playback image simultaneously.

Image Save: Able to save image as Bitmap(*.bmp), JPG and recording(*.avi) file.

Image Adjustment: Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Color.

User Management: 5 user and password protection

Camera authority setting: Only user with permission allowed to see the image of the camera

Screen Split: 1, 4, 9, 10,13, 16,17, sequencer, picture in picture (PIP)

Motion Detection: Yes (unlimited detection area and schedulable)

Detection Sensitivity: Allowing to adjust the sensitivity of motion detection and delayed-alarm triggered time.

Event Log: Recording the logon and logout of system and event in the log file.

PTZ Control: YES.


1.local: HDD/DAT/DLT/MO selectablen.

2.Remote: Image backup via the network (optional)

Alarm Notification :

1.E-mail event list and event image to e-mail receivern., Mobile phone notificationn.

3.Remote screen pop up (Event Center)

4.Allowing to edit voice mail by TTS (text to speech) (optional)

Remote Control:

1.Enable to view live video via PSTN, ISDN, LAN, Internetn.

2.Provides web browser access to live videon.

3.Enable remote setup and playback via networked workstationsn.

4.Enable to connect 16 different local recording servers through the remote surveillance software (RX)n.

5.Able to send e-mail to i-mode mobile phone and view live video by i-mode mobile phonen.

6.Through RX-64 remote surveillance software, allow to connect 64 local cameras image (optional).