Sell Digital Video Recorder-watch

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1. In world least micro-DVR, hidden in a watch inside! A video recorded voice of the micro-DVR, is the world's first watch-based video recorded voice with the micro-DVR

2. High sensitivity of the microphone, in the 15 square meters within the clear voice can be recorded, high-definition camera effects, for the public security departments, such as court evidence to provide an effective guarantee.

3. Exquisite appearance, smooth ball-point watch to write capabilities that can replace the standard cartridge, durable environmental protection.

4. Apply to any computer with USB interface and other electronic equipment.

5. USB2.0 standard interface, no drive, no external power supply.

6. Support various operating systems and automatic identification, install the driver, no need manually install

7. video format for the CIF 352 * 288 of the AVI format

8. Read and write data faster: 900 K/700K bytes / sec (with the speed of the host)