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Konica Minolta DiMAGE X1 8.0 Megapixel 3x optical/4x Digital Zoom Digital Camera

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The Konica-Minolta DiMAGE X1 employs an 8-megapixel, 1/1.8-type CCD (the highest resolution currently available in compact digital cameras) , along with a "non-protruding" 3x optical zoom lens that delivers a lens focal length of 7.7 to 23.1 mm (equivalent to 37 to 111 mm in 35 mm format) . To take full advantage of this incredible resolution, the X1 integrates the CxProcess III Image Processing Technology, Konica Minolta's top image processing technology that renders images as natural-looking as they appear to your eye. The DiMAGE X1 also offers Anti-Shake functioning to help reduce the effects of camera shake, ensuring clear, steady shots of scenes that are otherwise difficult to shoot by hand such as in low light situations or indoors.

On the back, the DiMAGE X1 is equipped with a large, 2.5-inch LCD monitor that features a Bright LCD backlight function, which lets you adjust the LCD brightness as needed with the simple touch of a button. The LCD monitor also offers enhanced easy cleaning thanks to a protective acrylic covering.

The design features of the DiMAGE X1 present high appeal for users who value not only amazing performance, but also sophisticated design. A sleek, metallic elegance makes the X1 impossible to resist, while smooth round edges fit neatly in your palm, giving you ease of use, familiarity and comfort in hand.

Key Features

Incredible 8.0 Megapixel Resolution
Using a 1/1.8-type CCD, the DiMAGE X1 enables you to take pictures with up to 3264 x 2448 pixels of resolution, creating crisp and detailed images for printed photo quality enlargements up to A3 (11x17") in size.

Non-Protruding 3x Optical Zoom Lens
the Non-Protruding lens system used in the DiMAGE X1 achieves a focal length of 7.7 to 23.1 mm (37 to 111mm equivalent in 35 mm format) and an aperture range from F3.5 to F3.8, while still maintaining an extremely thin and lightweight body.

CxProcess III Image Processing Technology
To achieve optimum compatibility with its optics, 8-megapixel resolution, and 1/1.8-type CCD, the DiMAGE X1 uses Konica Minolta's top image processing technology - CxProcess III. With this combination, the DiMAGE X1 is able to reproduce images as clearly and naturally as they appear to your eye. You can enjoy genuine color and tone straight on prints even without manipulation.

A Completely Unique Anti-Shake System
The DiMAGE X1 offers an Anti-Shake system that counters shaking by tilting the entire optical unit combined with CCD. It is designed to ideally complement the X1's folded optics technology that preserves the compact, thin body construction. Offering unrivalled stability, the Anti-Shake system can compensate up to 3 EV exposure stops slower, making it ideal for taking handheld, wide-angle shots in low light conditions indoors, or after sunset with shutter speeds at 1/6 of a second at wide-angle setting. For example, in dark settings, like by the light of a candle or tungsten bulb, you can shoot without using a flash and thus retain the atmosphere.

Large, Bright LCD Monitor
The DiMAGE X1 is equipped with a large, 2.5-inch LCD monitor that gives you a bright, clear view for framing shots and reading the menu screen. Using the Bright LCD backlight function allows you to set the screen 1.5 times brighter, so you can easily see the monitor in bright outdoor locations. Furthermore, the surface of the DiMAGE X1's LCD monitor is protected with an easy-to-maintain acrylic panel that is easily wiped clean of dirt.

Rounded, Ultra-Slim Polished Body
The elegant rounded form of the DiMAGE X1 boasts a sleek, metallic grace you'll want to hold in your hands. The rounded edges fit neatly in your palm, giving you quick familiarity and comfort in hand. Without a protruding part, the super-slim, flat body of the DiMAGE X1 measures just 95 x 68 x 19.5mm( W x H x D) . Its sophisticated body design promotes an "advanced" lifestyle that inspires users to think of the camera as more than a photo-taking tool, and it's minimalist approach to controls complements the clear and elegant appearance.

Digital Subject Program Selection
The DiMAGE X1 makes taking clear, high-quality shots effortless with a Digital Subject Program Selection that offers pre-programmed settings for seven common photo scenes: Portrait, Landscape, Sunset, Super Macro, Night Portrait, Night View, and Text. You simply choose the mode best suited to your shooting conditions, and the X1 is ready in an instant with the optimum settings to turn that special moment into a beautiful memory.

Ultra High Speed Continuous Advance
UHS Continuous Advance captures 640x480-pixel images at up to 10 fps at any image quality setting, making it ideal for capturing fleeting action such as recording a tennis or golf swing, and the UHS Progressive Capture mode saves images from the last 1.5 seconds before releasing the shutter button (up to 15 images at 640x480) . This means you won't miss photo opportunities during fast moving sporting events.

High-Resolution VGA Movie Clips Enhanced with Anti-Shake
The DiMAGE X1 offers recording of smooth, high-resolution VGA (640 x 480) movie clips with sound incorporating Anti-Shake technology and auto focus combine to ensure amazingly clear images. While recording, you can even get even closer to the action using the 3X optical zoom without losing image quality.

Easy-to-Use Bundled Software
DiMAGE Master Lite software is for viewing and editing images and allows you to carry out detailed image editing, confirm image information recorded when shooting, and carry out color matching. Kodak EasyShare image management software has an intuitive interface ideal for beginners. It allows you to make beautiful prints easily. As well, you can quickly and easily share your favorite images with friends and family, make photo CDs, and attach photos to email.


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