Sell Digital alcohol tester

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-Accuracy is very high as ultra-modern MEMS gas sensor was used with re-calibration function in it.
-With simple one-touch operation and LCD screen, we can easily confirm the measured value even in a dark place.
-Its design is small and quality looking and it is very handy to carry.
-Measured value for alcohol is displayed in %, BAC or g/l unit on LCD screen.
-Before and after measuring, beep sound signifies the measuring action to measuring person.
-Battery lasts longer than other products.


Certification: CE approved

Power Source: 2 AAA Size Battery
Method: MEMS Gas Sensor
Display Format: LED Display (Display with 13 step from 0.00% to 0.12%)
External Dimension: 90 W 30 W 16.5mm
Weight: about 43g (Including Dry Cell)
Temperature in use: 0 35
Storage temperature: 0 70
Material: Main case - ABS resin