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Features of Swift Barrier
1. Exquisite housing and appearance, solid and water proof, suitable to different indoor and outdoor.
2. Application of imported drive mechanism to ensure the system operation sensitive and reliable.
3. Application of frequency conversion and governing technology to let the lifting/falling time adjustable between 1.5 to 2.5 seconds.
4. Application of multi protection unit to guarantee the system in safe operation.
5. Fast-reaction tripping mechanism against bumping can effectively avoid any damages to the barriers in case of illegal fleeing.
6. Fault detection and alarm display fuctions to display the system status and faults any time.
7. Fault detection and alarm display functions to display the system status and faults any time.

Optional Functions:
1. Jieshun!/s Unique Car Smashing Protection Function:
Through logic judgment by vehicle detector and car smashing control system, and in application of advanced pressure wave detection technologies, all possible car smashing accidents from any accidental reasons are eliminated. The vehicle security are ensured.
2. Optional wireless coded remote control unit: The distance for remote control may reach 30 meters or above in open space. Such unit is safe and reliable.