Sell Digital channels and collaterals treatment instrument

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Digital channels and collaterals treatment instrument is a new health protection product researched and manufactured carefully according to physics, bionics, electro-biology; traditional herbalist doctor meridian combined with large amount clinical experience, and adopts modern micro-electronics technology.

The product combines traditional Chinese medicine's spirit with modern micro-electronics technology, it not only has eight simulation functions and magic wave combination will make you feel acupuncture, pounding, massage, fire pot, scrape the skin for therapeutic. And it also has decompressed step down obvious effect and unique immunity regulation functions, which consequently improves self anti-disease ability effectively.

Its unique developed common temperature infrared spectrum electrode stick piece has more cover area, which makes therapy effect more deep, power stronger, feeling more wonderful.

1. application ranges:

1) shoulder ankylosis, peripheral nerve paralysis, nerve ache, leg ache, allgemeine, stomachaches, serious rheum, cervical vertebrae neck ache, periarthritis humeroscapularis, toothache, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, sexual function enervation, irregular menstruation, brachychronic and chronic diseases.

2) various brachychronic and chronic diseases: high blood pressure, low blood pressure, rheumatism, arthritis, periarthritis humeroscapularis, strain of lumbar muscles, stomachaches, bellyache, toothache, nerve ache, irregular menstruation, impotence, sexual function enervation and so on.

3) be off their feed: insomnia, energy subsidence, allgemeine, neurasthenic, waist and back ache, shoulder and neck ache, leg ache

4) Hairdressing function: weight reduction body lean, waist looseness after giving birth, facial acne and so on.

5) Immunity regulation: improve body immunity low situation, build up body anti-virus ability

2. effect concept:

Herbalist doctor meridian concept explained: "meridian, person's premordial energy, lies in qi and blood. It flows around the body day and night" and "meridian passes through qi and blood, communicates up and down, inside and outside, connects insides, body and organs, senses conduction information, harmonizes yin and yang, stops outside diseases invades". And "pain is because blocked, blocked caused pain". There are diseases and pains in some parts of human's body, that is because "meridian is blocked, qi and blood can not pass through". "to cure feng you need to cure blood first, blood flows then feng vanishes". If you want to cure diseases completely, you have to "shujinghuoxue". Therefore, use the features of meridian; stimulate acupoint by acupuncture, massage and low-frequency physics methods to reach regulating meridian qi and blood and insides function. It is a function mode to correct abnormality and therapy mode that will not interfere normal physiological function.

Modern medicine proves that meridian is a medium has pick off and low resistance. In traditional needle prick therapy, each twist or pull the skewer once, which is producing a physical electric pulse. In people's body, some special electric flow happens any time. The weak electric flow gives off from parts of heart, brain, muscle and nerve. They play an indispensable role to body's normal operation, the weak flow are called "bioelectricity".

The product adopts micro-computer CPU CMOS chip as core, produces electronic bio-pulse wave resonance with human cellular elements. It dredges human meridian rapidly, stimulates sympathetic nerve directly, expands blood vessels, promote blood circulation, improves local blood supply and nutrition, increases hemopoietic tissue energy, accelerates body metabolism and discharges toxin, diminishes inflammation and detumescence effects. High-energy electric flow can cause cover effect, produces timely acesodyne effect through cortex disturb and gate mechanism, at the same time, through body fluid circulation it can stimulate the increase of endorphin amount-similar to morphine in blood serum, consequently, produces sustainable ease pain effect. High-energy electric flow can also stimulate nerve muscle to cause nerve's excitation and muscle's contraction, produces kinesalgia effect, which can ease fatigue and cure peripheral nerve injury. Combined with electric therapy, foot therapy together. Integrated therapy is a safe, simple, rapid, painless, and advanced therapy mode.

3. product features:

1) Digital technology, therapy more accurate: health new concept, digital meridian therapeutic apparatus applies digital technology, turns physical genes body needs into accurate digital signal, then computer carries out integrated therapy according to body actual needs, which guarantees therapy's accuracy, consequently, it improves product's therapy effect. Compared with manual work therapy, it positions more accurate, curative effect more obvious, the instrument is small and portable.

2) Super large screen, easy to operate: it has large screen LCD, includes strength, function, mode, therapy time (each time 15 minutes max) , English and chinese display system, human body channel points chart and so on.

3) Infrared electrode, therapy more accurate: double lines output, meanwhile, it uses two units of infrared electrode piece, more cover area.

4) Immunity regulation, eradicate deadly bacteria: unique immunity regulation function, enhances and improves body's self anti-disease ability, it distinctly increases deadly bacteria and pathogen's attack to body.

5) Magic wave, real sense: magic wave combination, which lets you truly feel acupuncture, pounding, massage, fire pot, scrape the skin for therapeutic. When you use it, you will feel like a professional massagist is doing you a massage.

6) Meridian guide, it is convenient to find point: equipped with LCD meridian chart, it can carry out instructiveness therapy by choosing point according to different symptoms. It you just need massage to ease fatigue, you can also use it according to point chart or use it to uncomfortable parts, it is easy to operate. But if you need to cure some diseases more, you need to choose chart according to point or other medical books to cure. Right point choice is advantageous to therapy effect, but unsuitable point choice will cause side-effects.

7) Easy to operate, common people are easy to learn: automatic and hand mode choice button can meet your different massage needs. Automatic mode can output 8 therapy modes automatically and recycled. The electrode with stick board can be easily stick to parts need massage, it position automatically, and it is easy to operate and portable.

8) unconventional auricular needle, regulate pressure and hypnogenesis

9) Reliable quality, more safe to use it.