Sell Digital display double-head automatic cutting saw

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Features and functions:
1. Use the imported digital display system and the imported synchronous conveyor belt.
2. The system can control cutting length, which is automatically controlled with exact precision.
3. Imports high-quality aluminum special carbide saw blades to ensure accurate cutting precision.
4. High-precision spindle make the blade rotating smoothly. Effectively improve the quality of the cutting surface.
5. Cutting angles are 90, 45, 22.5, they can change into another automatically.
6. The saw feeding system adopts linear bearing move pair and damping cylinder to ensure the saw move steadily.
Technical parameter
Electric supply 380V 50Hz three phase four wire
Working pressure 0.5Mpa-0.8Mpa
power 2*2.2KW 1*0.37KW
Rotating speed 2800rpm
Cutting length Max:4200mm Min: 400mm
Cutting angle 90 0 45 0 67.5 0 (22.5 0)
Feed speed stepless speed 0-3m/min
Size: (length*width*height) 5680mm W 1500mm W 1600mm
Weight: 2100Kg