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Digital electronic colposcopy is the direct magnified inspection of the surface of a woman's genital area, including the cervix, vagina, and vulva, using a light source and a binocular microscope. Doctors use the test to evaluate potentially cancerous areas, typically after a Pap smear has indicated the possibility of such a problem. Your doctor also may perform a biopsy (take a sample) of an abnormal area during the procedure.

Digital electronic colposcopy also can be used to detect inflammatory or infectious changes, harmless or cancerous growths, and traumatic injuries to the cervix, vagina, and vulva. Because the procedure is highly specialized, you should make sure that your doctor has performed many such examinations.

Digital electronic colposcope application scale:
Exfoliation cytology smear check-up Babbitt third rank above

Although cytology check-up is positive, it's difficult for naked eye to observe suspicious cancer

Treat according to cervicitis but the effect is not good

Naked eye observation is difficult to make certain pathological changes' small configuration structures; it needs to observe pathological changes after magnified by colposcope.

Before carcinoma of uterine cervix surgery, it needs to make certain parts involved by pathological changes under colposcope and direct the scales which should be ablated by surgery.

Normal people's health measurement

Capability and characteristic:

Colposcope adopts the highest quality 1/4 inch colored digital optical zooming lens, 16* optical zooming, 480,000 pixel provides full screen high definition image and video.

DSP dynamic auto-focusing system with 8 double zooming can be adjusted by manipulated focus length, and can obtain satisfying imagery beyond 0.2M.

ATW way can get interior photometry automatically. Adjust luminance and measures of averting trembling by self-motion, making the around dynamic focusing balanced.
It adopts speedy focusing CCD technology, which making the clinic inspecting, observing and handling more convenient.

High-speed computer processing for special purpose can realize the integrated administration of pathological images, collecting, storage, analyzing, mimeograph and manipulating.

The light source with high-luminance design can improve your espial impression.

The brightness and color temperature of patent with annular-type multipoint LED light source has increased 60% compared with the traditional halogen light. Its longevity extends to 100,000 hours and reappear more verity tissue color.

It eliminates the phenomenon of leaning blue or blur after the image's enlarging due to the unbalance of color temperature, purity and low brightness to the core.

Beam-forming light with balanced illumination get no optical loss while under magnified high power.
The patent technology of imagery depletion of facular can show the hypodermic vessel's morphology more clearly, more easily for us to discriminate the tiny details and has specially good-effect to the observation for the vessel of uterus neck and pudendum.

Technology targets:

Mainframe: Pentium IV processor, 512M above memory, 17 inch purely plane colored display

Lens: 1/4 inch colored digital CCD, 480,000 above pixel

Resolving rate: >480TVL

Lowest illuminance: >0.1Lux

Zooming mode: manipulating, automatic

Optics amplification: 32 times

Digital amplification: 8 times

Light supply illuminance: 1000-1600Lux

Video output noise-signal ratio: 50dB

Image capture quality:1024*768

Image control: manipulating or system software automatic control

White balance: manipulating or automatic

Image processing function: collection, magnification, strengthen, measure, rotation, negative image, congeal, storage, analysis, report, print

Image storage capacity: >1 million pictures

Printer: imported colored spray-ink printer

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