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MAMMOSCAN system utilizes a slot-scanning imaging technique, with a thin X-ray beam scanning across the breast while a multi-linear array detector is moving under the breast. MAMMOSCAN is FFDM system with cutting-edge design and high performance at lower doses.

Intended Use

MAMMOSCAN is a full-field digital mammography X-ray system, designed to perform digital X-ray breast imaging for diagnostic and screening purposes (i. e. , for early breast cancer detection) .

MAMMOSCAN is designed to be used in clinical practice to the same purpose, as a traditional analog (film-type) mammographic apparatus.

Design Features

* Digital scanning receiver of X-ray image with 54 microns pixel size
* Anti-scatter grid free design, allowing for patient dose reduction with no loss of image quality
* High loading factor of X-ray tube, providing long-term stable operation together with high throughput and efficient patient examinations
* Compact and ergonomic system design
* Motorized C-arm height and rotation adjustment
* Touch-screen interface at operator workstation
* Two types of replaceable compression paddles of standard dimensions, used depending on the breast size
* Digital indication of breast compression force, compressed thickness and projection angle.


In comparison with digital mammographic apparatus based on standard flat panels, image plates and other types of digital imaging receivers, the digital mammography scanning system ADANI MAMMOSCAN provides a considerable number of clear advantages for performing speedy diagnostics of patients with lower dosage.

* High spatial resolution
MAMMOSCAN generates an image size of 4580 pixels x 5830 pixelswith a 22 cm x 28-cm field-of-view, a pixel size of 48 microns with a limiting resolution of 10 line pairs/mm instandard-resolution mode.
* High contrast resolution
High contrast resolution together with ability to manipulate images makes detection of breast cancer more accurate.
* Low dose
The total scan time for the 28 cm image width is less than 6 s, with an effective exposure time of 0.4 s. Slot-scan technology is minimized scatter radiation. Fast examination may induce more women to comply with screening at recommended intervals, thus making mammography facilities more efficient.
* High throughput
X-ray tube is employed. It is rated at 8 kW on the 0.3 mm focal spot. When used with a heat exchanger, it provides the patient throughput needed in a busy clinical practice.
* Enhanced image processing
MAMMOSCAN was designed with open architecture for greater compatibility with existing network environments. The technologist uses the acquisition station to image the patient, which incorporated into the technologist shied enclosure.
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