Sell Digital lock with remote key and smart swipe card new

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Smart Door Lock with Key, Swipe Card and Remote

New door entry product that offers security, comfort and special purpose access to all users. The lock has a key, swipe card and remote control. All three levels of entry are designed with maximum security in mind. Three keys come with the product. Keys are specially made so no one can copy. The swipe card is the size of a credit card. Just swipe across the lock and the door will open. You can have up to 2000 swipe cards to one lock. These cards are reprogrammable, so if a new user needs to be added or an old user deleted, it's all done at the lock with the aid of the management card. The remote control has an approximate range of 20 meters. Its like a car remote control. It's very secure and convenient.

Long service life.
Opens very quickly.
Uses rechargeable Li battery
Can be set into the unlocked function for heavy traffic area.
Remote controller
2000 users supported with swipe card
For the remote DC12V should be installed.
For swipe card and key entry internal Li battery provided

Electric Parameters:
Input Voltage: DC12V
Static Current: <50mA

Lock, 3 keys, 1 user card, 1 management card, 1 remote control