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commodity description:

The instrument is precision tool pre-adjust instrument integrating optics, mechanism and electricity. The instrument is widely used to measure the exact coordinate position of the tools used in the digital control machine tool, processing center and soft manufacturing unit. It can also inspect the angle, round corners, pit and so on.

Measuring range: Diameter (X-axis direction) : X300mm /Height(Z-axis direction) :30~400mm
Distinguishability:X-axis: 0.001mm / Z-axis 0.001mm
Standard taper of toolholders:7:24
Taper shank No. : Standard: BT 50 / Option: BT 30, BT 40
Magnification of lens:20X
Illumination:Reflective lamp 24V/20W, the brightness of transmission lamp can be adjusted.
Net weight:90(kg)