Sell Digital video phone. . . voip.

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Digital Phone Service and Video Phone Changing the Face of Phone Service.


Telling your children goodnight no matter what city you're sleeping in.
The joy in grandparents' eyes when they get to see how big their grandchildren are getting, not just hear their voices over the line.

Keeping in closer contact with your business associates around the world. What is Digital Phone Service?

Make telephone calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular phone line. Digital Phone Service provides customers the ability to call anyone, regardless of their type of phone service, through the Internet. Eliminating the cost of a long distanse call.

Please notice that this is a technology thet needs a high speed internet or broadband to funtion, this is a digital phone and you need to have a digital internet conection for you to be able to communicate, this phone will not work with the standard thelephone connection.

we are also looking for distribuitors world wide
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7 days
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120 volts
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