Sell Digital weighing indicator

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Model T3305

Power A/C: ~220V, 50Hz

Display 7 bit 0.5 inch LED display

Keyboard push-button keyboard ( 5 functional keys)

Load 4 driven 350(Ohms) load cells

Communication RS-232 serial output ( RS-485 interface available) . Baud rate:300-9600 available, three transmission format available

Printer Connection with panel like micro printer (TP5P-16)

Main Features
1. Input by menu like DOS prompt without reading the manual
2. 16 selections for measuring range by degree, various selections for division and decimal position and strain waves constant
3. Zero catching and zero tracking when turning on
4. positive and negative peak value test
5. Chinese format printing for 1-3 combined bills, record and accumulation printing by hand or automatically and many choices for printing unit
6. many choices for unit conversion
7. conversion display between gross weight and net weight
8. two dot fixed value setting: fixed value alarm and signal output for expanded and programmable two dot and three section switch range
9. machine code setting and 26 indicators to be connected with a PC
10. date, time, vehicle number, goods number, unit price setting
11. displaying and printing the accumulated weight and amount and
Exterior Dimension 170mmW80mmW130mm Installation Dimension 250mm X 180mm X 170mm
Gross weight 1kg
Net weight 0.7kg