Sell Diluted Benzoyl Peroxide

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Diluted Benzoyl Peroxide for flour bleaching
Item Specification I Specification II
Content(C6H5CO)2O2 28 1 1% 3211%
Fineness (Series R40/3, #200*50/0.075mmTest Sieve, Residue on Sieve) 10% max
pH(10%Aqueous Solution) 6-9
Burning extending test Conformed
Hydrochloric acid test Conformed
Ammonium salt test Conformed
Barium test Conformed
Heavy Metal(as Pb) 0.001% max
Arsenic(as As) 0.0003% max
USES Be used to bleach wheat flour.
PACKAGE 20Kg/25Kg/Paper Carton.
STORAGE Be stored in cool, dry and ventilated warehouse, free from heat, sunlight, can't be stored together with toxic or harmful goods.
25kg net