Sell Dimethyl Sulfoxide  (DMSO)

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Properties: Colorless transparent odorless liquid with bitter, low toxic.
Dimethyl Sulfoxide (Pharmaceutical grade) :
Purity(DMSO) % 99.80 Min
Crystallization point 0 18.20 Min
Acid value mgKOH/g 0.02 Max
Refractive index(200) 1.478 - 1.479
Ultraviolet extinction value 275mm 0.30
285/275 0.65
295/275 0.45
Usage: The organic synthetic solvent of pesticide, dyestuff, pharmaceutical intermediate: arene extraction, refine paraffin, refine diesel oil, electronic component washing, gas absorption, rare netal leach, medium antifreeze agent, material of hydraulic fluid, accelerant, fertilizer; disinfection, calm, diuresis. Suitable for arthritis, dermatits, dermatophytosis, psoriasis, strain and knub etc
Storage: Seal, avoid insolation and moisture, crystal under 180
Packing: 200kgs or 225kgs iron drum