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schottky barrier diode, switching diode, zener diode, general purpose rectifiers, super fast recovery rectifiers, high efficiency rectifiers, high voltage rectifiers, fast recovery rectifiers, SMD diode.

Capacitor - Ceramic Capacitors(radial multilayer ceramic capacitor, axial multilayer ceramic capacitor and chip multilayer ceramic capacitor) , Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors(chip aluminum electrolytic capacitor and radial aluminum electrolytic capacitor) , Metallized Film Capacitors( axial metallized polyester film capacitor, polypropylene film capacitor) , Tantalum Capacitors(chip tantalum capacitor, wet tantalum capacitors, dipped solid tantalum capacitor) , etc.

Resistor - Zinc Oxide Varistor, Carbon Film Fixed resistors, Metal Film Fixed resistors, Fusible Metal Film resistors, Cement Type Resistors, etc.

LEDs - Bicolor LED Lamps, Blinking LED Lamps, Oval Type LED Lamps, Tower Series LED Lamps, SMD LED Lamps, etc.

Diode - Zener Diode, Schottky Barrier Diode, General Purpose Rectifiers, Switching Diode, High Voltage Rectifiers, High Efficiency Rectifiers, etc.

Transistor - Darlington Transistor, General Purpose Transistor, Higt Voltage Transistor, Power Transistor, Switching Transistor, etc.
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