Sell Diphenyl Carbonate

Diphenyl Carbonate
Diphenyl Carbonate

I, Characteristics and Applications

Diphenyl Carbonate is one of important organic carbonates, with molecular formula: C13H10O3, molecular weight: 214, white needle crystal at room temperature, melting point 780. boiling point: 3020, cant dissolve into water, but can do with acetone, ether, tetrachloride and hot alcohol and also can be used as plasticizer for polyamide or polyester . DPC, without toxicity and pollution, can be utilized as material with bisphenol for synthesizing many important organic compound and macromolecule through non-phosgene process. Because PC synthesized by adopting the technique is of fine quality, it can be widely used for high-tech photoelectric material and some important machine elements.
II, Index of Quality
DPC >=99.5 %

Melting point0 7911

Appearance white needle crystal

Color(APHA) <=30

Phenol <=1%

pH 6.8~7.2

Fe, <=3ppm

III, Package
In cardboard drums or common woven bag.

IV, Storage and transportation
Kept in dry places, transported as a chemical with low toxicity.