Sell Direct Blue 199(C. I. Direct NO.199)

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Based on the philosophy of Green, Safety, Market and Created-value, we have developed series of direct black, direct red and other direct dyes with annual output over 20,000mts. Meanwhile, the costs are reduced with improved quality, which makes us more competitive on the markets than ever.

Strength: 100%-120% Dyeing depth: 2% Fastness-Light(Xenon) : 6-7
Fastness-Washing: 3 Rubbing-Dry: 3-4 Rubbing-Wet: 2-3
Product features:
1. Good solubility, easy for dyeing.
2. Wide application.
3. Complete chromatogram
4. Economical dyes
1. Dyeing for cotton, viscose, polyester/cotton, wool/viscose and printing for pure silk.
2. Universally appropriate to dye writing paper and paperboard.
Annual output: 500mts
Packing: 25kg net each kraft carton or iron drum, 500kg net PP/PE bag, or special package as per the customers requirements.
Supply Capacity
Annual output&3A 500mts
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Payment
TT or L/C