Sell Direct Marketing Lists of JAPANESE Businesses and Consumers

Direct Marketing Lists of JAPANESE Businesses and Consumers You May Also Be Interested In: direct marketing japanese businesses japanese market marketing
We are pleased to be able to connect you with buyers in Japan.

Of course you want to enter and succeed in the Japanese market, and so, for all goods and services that you offer, we offer Japanese buyers data. We allow you to direct-sell to eager buyers of the precise goods and/or services that you offer by using a multitude of affiliations to connect you with companies that need what you offer NOW. Further, we can supply you with eager partners (such as investors for your project/company-growth) for other ventures, as you may need.

First, we need you to explain, in detail who would be the trade partners in Japan you seek: importers? Investors for your project or company? Give us many details, and we will tell you what we can offer.

Just as a few examples of the lists we could research and send you: lists of specialty importers with histories of buying/needing the exact items that you offer for export, people interested in multilevel marketing, department store chains, TV SHOPPING companies, online sales, and probably other types of businesses.

We need you to clearly understand is that we do not work on a "commission basis, " or "based on results, " etc. We provide researched direct marketing leads at a cost lower that any of our competitors. Costs for data BEGIN at JYN 225,000 (roughly US$2,100.00) .