Sell Disco bar light , Omiga light, Kaleidoscope light,

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The detailed informations of each product in picture is as following :

LR489A Kaleidoscope
Voltage: 200-240VAC50/60HZ
Lamp: 24V250W
Feature: various gobos, changing colors, music control, moving like clouds, ideal ballroom gobo light
Dimension (cm) : 43x34x21
Weight: 7.18kg

LR540B Omiga
Voltage:AC200-240V 50/60HZ
Lamp: 300W dysprosium lamp
Feature: multi-beams outward turning, rotating, stirred up by sound
Dimension (cm) : 37x36x45
Weight: 13kg

LR552A Disco bar light
Voltage: 200-240VAC50/60HZ
Lamp: HMI300W
Feature: light beam laser, stirred up by music
Dimension (cm) : 45x32.5x37
Weight: 9.65kg