Sell Disinbio Automatic Hand Sanitizer Sprayer

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This Sanitizer can use all kind of skin disinfectants in the market and is suitable for the operating room of the hospitals, clinics, emergent departments, wards, public areas, pharmacy, food trade, office space, restaurants, families, etc. It has the following characteristics:

Whole induction control without contact
The principle of light-induction working startup was adopted. When put the hand in the work position, the sterilization liquid will spray automatically like fog.

Economical and durable
The consumptive electricity power is lower. It is convenient to supplement disinfection liquid. The volume of each spray is 1-2 ml . No maintenance.

Convenient operation with no castoff
No water source is needed. No need to wash or cleanse. No castoff. No environment pollution.

Product specification :

Product name Disinbio Inductive sprinkling type of hand sterilizer
Product model DS-S-1 model
Dimension of the machine 13.5cm W 17.5cm W 27.5cm
Weight of the machine 680 grams

Technical index:

Standard implemented
Power source voltage DC6V ( 4 pieces of AA battery ) or transforming from AC220V 1 10% to DCV 50HZ.
Effective inductive distance 5cm ~ 10cm
Liquid-sprinkling volume First gear : 0.5ml-1ml , second gear : 1ml-1.5ml
Safety category Type A of category 1
Working method Automatic inductive type
Working environment Indoor
Environment temperature 5?C---40?C
Relative humidity <= 80%
Capacity of solution reservoir 1,000ml
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
3000 per month
Available Colors
Metal/ white
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements
220V, 50hz
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
680 grams