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This product can be used in the hospitals for the hospital staffs to sterilize their hands before surgery operation or during the operation and also for the patients. It can sterilize all the known viruses and harmful microorganism, such as bacteria, epiphyte, mildew, chlamydia, rickettsia, etc. with characters of spectrum sterilization within 2 minutes and is able to avoid infection in the hospitals. This product is the new type disinfection product that first obtained national sanitation certificate issued by the Health Ministry of PR. China. This product contains no alcohol and no chlorine while its prescription is mild in proper, comfortable and clear without any stimulation. It is fresh and clear with no necessity of cleaning after use. It has no toxic or side effect to the human being, so it is the excellent product of disinfection, clean and care of the new era. This products can also suit for sterilization for the staffs hands in the food and pharmacy industry.

These products can be extensively used in the following trade:
Medical care: Can be used by the doctors and nurses in medical departments before sterilization operation according to Disinfection Technique Criterion, during the treatment and care of each patients, before and after the contact with medical and experimental apparatus, also can be used in hand disinfection before entering sterile quarantine, as well as taken as the hand and skin disinfection of all the patients in the hospital. (can be used in set with disinfecting inductor) . Brush hands with them before operation in operating room.
Industrial manufacture: Can be used to disinfect hands for the sterilization operators in such units as pharmacy, food factory and drink factory, etc.
Can be used in the cleaning and sterilizing melon and fruits, vegetables and dishware after 4 times dilution.
Can be used in the cleaning and sterilizing clothing and fabrics for the patients and the family after 10 times dilution.
Can be used in the rinsing and sterilizing the surface of objects of wood, bamboo, glass, metal, fabrics, etc. after 10 times dilution.
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10000 per Month
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500, 2500ml
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