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We manufacture Disinfectants such as Chlorhexidine of various types and others. Basically Chlorhexdine are commonly use as disinfectants. Chlorhexidine is relatively non-irritation to tissues. Chlorhexidine, while considered bactericidal, vircidal & fungicidal, is less effective against agents than many other disinfactants. Chlorhexidine maintains effectivness in the presence of some organic materials but cleaning before application is recommended. To be effective, Chlorhexidine must remain in contact with the surface for not less than five minutes. Hard or alkline water will cause precipitation of the active ingredients necessary for the disinfection.
1) Provide wide germicidal activity and are relative non toxic.
2) Limited activity when in the presence of organic matter.
3) Poor residual activity, corrosive and stain fabric and equipment.
4) Fair effectiveness as sporocidal agents but better than Chlorine
5) Effective at low cost concentrations for disinfecting clean, (small object)
6) Low cost but requires frequent applications.

Price list for October 2006

Description Packing Unitprice USD$
Chlorhexidine 4% 500 ml $3.80
Chlorhexidine 4% 5 L $31.65
Chlorhexidine 2% 500 ml $3.10
Chlorhexidine 5% 5 L $47.50

Alcohol 70%, Chlorhexidine 0.5% 110 ml $1.40
Alcohol 70%, Chlorhexidine 0.5% 500 ml $3.50

Triclosan 0.3% 500 ml $3.30

Triclosan 0.3% 5 L $31.65

Povidone Iodine 7.5% 500 ml $5.10

Povidone Iodine 10% 100 ml $0.85

Parachlorometa xylonol (PCMX) 5 L $34.15

Ultrasound Gel 6 L $15.00

Enzyme, Instrument care 5 L $36.40

Enzyme, Instrument care 500 ml $4.75

Instrument care 5 L $47.45

Instrument care 5 L $51.40

Gluteraldehyde, cold strilization 5 L $11.85

Quatenary amonium 256 5 L $31.65

Phenol 256 5 L $47.45

Hand lotion 500 ml $4.15

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