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Introduction of Disk Timber Chipping Machine :
Screw plate-shaped chipping machine can cut log and small-diameter log with less than 200mm diameter and is applicable to paper pulp factory, forest tree factory, paper mill, thermal power plant, etc. Timber Chipping machine is mainly composed of four parts such as principal machine, coupling, bottom frame and motor, etc, in which the principal machine of chipping machine is composed of cutter head, upper and lower covers, feed inlet and outlet, etc.
Timber Chiping Machine

Specifications of Disk Timber Chipping Machine
Mobel of machine 2LW640 2LW1000
Diameter of cutter head(mm) 640 1000
Rotary speed of cutter head(r/min) 970 740
Quantity(sheet) of fly cutter 6 6
Length of wood chip, thickness(mm) 15-35 2-3 15-35 3-7
Mode of feeding Declination Declination
Dimension of feeding opening(mm) 150W140 250W250
Productive Capacity (t/h) 3-5 5-8
Power of electric motor(kw) 37 75
Maximum diameter of cutting wood(mm) 100 200
Mode of discharging Up Up
Weight of complete machine (kg) 1192 3375
External dimension (lengthWwidthWheight) 2002W1175W1360 2820W1838W1892

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