Sell Dispersants

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AArbor dispersants are 100% active polymeric dispersants.
Advantages of using Aarbor dispersants:
AArbor dispersants may be used to produce highly concentrated dispersions, to replace flush color or dispersions of lower pigment concentration., and also can be used in pigment manufacturing process as wetting agent.
1. Dispersions have excellent rheology and lower viscosity;
2.More color strength, higher gloss, and more transparency development due to efficient dispersion and stability of the pigments, which will lower formulation costs;
3. Greater versatility as one dispersion can be used to produce heatset, sheetfed and newsprint inks;
4.Increased productivity arising from the more highly concentrated dispersion and shorter dispersion time, with lower processing costs;
5. Increased formulating latitude and the ability to use more of chosen let-down vehicle and other constituents;
6. Less machine wear because of lower viscosities which reduce machine pressure
7.When used in pigment manufacturing , it gives better rheological properties in offset and publication gravure ink.