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Display Screen-----Vision Impact Wave
"Vision impact wave", a kind of outdoor display screen, is a brand new media for outdoor advertisement release that has obtained a national patent of invention. With new lighting material of red, green, blue and white as the illuminant apparatus, which forms pixel pipes, "Vision impact wave" can send out luminous rays of different colors at different intensity under electronic system control, and thus compose diversified information.

Higher brightness; Wider visual angle; Sharper color; Higher fidelity; Lower electricity consumption; Longer life span; Content be up-dated real-time.

Scope of Application:
"Vision impact wave" can be used for displaying colored pictures, words and numbers etc. for advertisement or information release at stadiums, railway stations, harbors and airports, etc.

Functions and Features:
1, Adopted high brightness illuminating elements, making the image brighter, clearer and more colorful.
2, Module-structured, to be set for any size, easy to install.
3, Designed for all day use, anti-rain, wind, thunder and deteriorated weather.
4, Constant-current-driven circuit, time switch for turning on/off and power supply protective circuit.
5, industry chip adopted for drive circuit, strong antistatic capability

Technical Index
1, Component: all filtered with 72-hour aging test.
2, Viewing angle: horizontal 120 degrees and vertical 40 degrees.
3, Average power: 100-300 W/M2
4, Average life: 10000 hours
5, Environmental requirement: -20-+600, 10%-90% RH.