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Detailed description:
1. There layers:antibacterial layer + filtering layer+antibacterial layer
2. Antibacterial fibric:The antibacterial functional mass on the surface can absorb the bacterial and kill them at short time.
3. N95 ensures the strong resisting ability against bacterial.
4. Little atmidometer, excellent air current.
used by medical personnel in clinics, persons in microbe labs, and members who are working in the disease-preventing and controling units.

This face mark processed by FZZZ Antibacterial (Molecular Assemble) Technology which adopt patents in many countries, this technology masks the surface of the mask have a physical-polarity antibacterial and antiviral environment. It has the feature of antibacterial, antiviral and mildew-proof, can kill bacterial, viral and mildew within a short time, also effectively prevent bird-flu.
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